Chocolate! Sound Designer Pre-Production Journal


First I had to decide where the microphone would be placed in each clip after we decided what was happening in that scene. Certain sounds needed to be recorded after the filming such as bags crinkling and regular room sound.

35 – Realistic sound (character)

36 – Realistic sound (emotional response)

37 – Expressive sound (outer world)

40 – Symbolic us of music

Test Recordings:

Test recording of mic and plastic bag / hallway:

Test recording of using the recorder / Mrs. Young’s room:

Problems: There was too much talking in the background and the mic wasn’t close enough so the sound didn’t pick up very well.

Solutions: Make sure we are in a quiet location and make sure people on set are quite when recording. also move mic closer to source of sound.

Audio deck settings

Equipment Checklist:

  • Microphone
  • Recorder
  • Camera
  • Headphones
  • Editing software

Recording Workflow:

Day 1: Discuss storyboard, figure out what to add

Day 2: Scout locations for filming, planned set-up

Day 3: Go over script, figure out minor details

Day 4: Test record sound and practice with mic

Day 5: Listen to sound over, fix problems

Day 6: Record actual audio for film, download to computer

Day 7: Edit our recorded sound

Location Maps:

I stood to the right behind the light so the mic could be in between both people speaking.

Foley Sounds:

  • Sound effect: Bag crinkling / Time in film: Scene 3-4
  • Sound effect: Bar opening / Time in film: Final shot cut to black
  • Sound effect: Chewing / Time in film: Final shot cut to black

Discussions with Director:

  • If we would include music or not
  • Where each sound would be placed and at what time
  • How to create certain sounds
  • If we would use normal sound or re-recorded sound

Influences from Films:

Nia Hansen worked on sound for “Valerian: City of a Thousand Planets” and this is one of my influences because the sound in that movie is different than in others and makes the film so much better. This is one of my favorite movies and I always find the sound design impressive.

What I learned:

During this project I learned how to properly use an audio deck with a mic and correctly upload the files to my computer to use for the film.

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